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START! [25 Aug 2006|01:39am]

I think we should start the community over.

It kind of died, well, it did! Haha! So we can keep the same stories but I would appreciate it (also Ash) if everyone did a entry on Monday the 28


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OOC: [08 Jul 2006|01:59pm]

Well since Peter is going donw hill Im going to quit as him. So I will only be playing Tyler. Sorry guys, i dont want to waste time updateing when nothing is happening in his life. Uggh everyone needs to be more active. Please :)
xoxo Lauren
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XWARNINGX [16 Feb 2006|04:42pm]

Alright guys.... Heres a few things...

1)All of you need to update. Every single character needs to be active and with a story. For example: Ashley is going on tour and Kat is the new girl. But the thing is now which I think is a good idea is that every character needs to be involved with somethingNo one will just be there without a story. Everyone has to have one. And please no more babies... we have a enough. Thanks.

2)And on every entry everyone makes, there has to be a comment.

3)I think me and Ash are going to make a few cuts very soon. So please dont be one of them!

4)I think we got a Darcy but not exactly sure.

5)Just please UPDATE

Thanks guys! I want this communtiy to be going strong! Just like before! I will try to IM most of you to tell whats goin on.

Your mod,
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COME ON!!!=( [29 Jan 2006|02:00pm]


I know me and Ashley havent been active at all that much but we need you guys to keep it up. We still check this community. Like Ash said, she has her school to keep up with. Same thing with me also and I still have my crappy job with crappy hours. And if you see any one online please rp! We need new things to be going on! Other than everyone getting knocked up.


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Application Post! [27 Nov 2005|04:30am]

Wow, its crazy how fast time goes by. It doesnt seem like its been over 7 months since me and Cait started this community! We have YET to revive it or start over! Alot of the same people we started off with are with us, and alot of people who joined along the way have stuck and made friends with us as well.

Its weird how close a group of people can get. As crazy as we all are. We'll do just about anything. Between crackheads and bums, to pregnant bitches and guys named mike dying 980347 times we've done it all. Yet we're still coming up with crazy yet realistic and exciting storylines.

I LOVE this community and all of the people who have became a part of it. Ive never imagined it would come this far. Sure, we have alot of original characters. Thats half the fun though. When your a free writing community like ourselves we need a little bit of spiff and extra excitement. In all honesty, I dont think you can find another crazy bunch all packed in one community. If you join our community you seriously wont want to play in any other ones. In fact, you'd want to make more characters for it.

Before applying, read all of the rules and what not!

--The Application--
Characters name:
Characers Lj:
Characers Aim:
Why do you want them?:
What would you do with this character?:
Your Name:
Your Age:
Your Aim:
Did you read the rules?:

This will be the only public post! If you post in the community without making it friends only it will be deleted! We want to keep things neat!

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